Walking routes close to Ronda

Routes in de Sierra de Libar

The Sierra de Libar lies between the Sierra de Grazalema and the Guadiaro river valley. The Libar range itself consists of two karst limestone ridges running in a north-south direction, separated by the fertile valley of the Llanos de Libar. The terrain can be  rough and stony and it is  not well-walked (except for the route down the Libar valley) but offers some of the finest ridge walking and viewpoints in the region - particualrly from the summits of Ventana, Pilares de Tunio, El Palo, Martin Gil and Los Pinos.




16.5 kms, 450m ascent, Grade 2/3

A lovely circuit around the western ridge of the Libar Range. The starting point is on the track down the LLanos de Libar from Montejaque. Leave Montejaque following the signs to the Llanos de Libar footpath, and drive down the track for some 5 kms. After passing through a gate continue for a further 500m round a bend to the right and then, on the next bend to the left, park car  just before a  signboard for the  Refugio de Libar.



Estacion Cortes to El Colmenar via Casa del Conde

15 kms,  500m ascent, Grade 2/3

A good route which takes us above the Buitreras gorge. It is convenient to use the train to return from El Colmenar to our starting point. It can be a little overgrown past Casa del Conde - so long trousers are advised




14kms, 800m ascent, Grade 2/3

This combines two popular  PR routes and can be combined with the route from Alpandeire to the Hotel Molino Cuatro Paradas to make a two day circuit. Recommended methodology for this is to drive to Alpandeire and walk back to the hotel. The following day take the train to Jimera de Libar (or walk if feeling energetic – it adds 9 km) and follow this route back to Alpandeire to pick up the car.



Cortes de la Frontera – Los Pinos circuit

13 kms, 1000m ascent, Grade 3

A circuit to one of the remotest peaks of the Libar range, Los Pinos (1397m). The route starts in the centre of Cortes de la Frontera, immediately behind the church.



ALPANDEIRE –  Hotel Molino Cuatro Paradas

17 kms, 800m ascent, Grade2/ 3

An interesting route, which can be combined with the route Benaojan-Jimera de Libar-Atajate- Alpandiere to make a two day circular walk (and consider catching the train to Jimera de Libar the second day to make it shorter). If starting from the hotel, best to drive to Alpandiere and return the next day for the car.



Estacion Jimera de Libar to/from Estacion Cortes de la Frontera

22 kms (there and back) , 400m ascent, Grade 2/3
10-12 kms, one way, Grade 2.

There are a few variations on the standard walk down the Guadiaro valley from the railway station at Jimera de Libar to the station at Cortes de la Frontera. The route described here is there and back – actually describing a figure of eight, so there are various permutations for doing the walk in just one direction and using the train to return.



Montejaque to Grazalema via Rio Gaduares

15 km. Ascent : 400m., Grade 2

The easiest route between Montejaque and Grazalema, basically following the valley of the Rio Guadares.


Grazalema to Montejaque via El Cabrizal

Distance 17 km.  Ascent 450m (700m in reverse)

If you are planning  several days of point-to-point walking in the region it is likely that at some point you will want to move between Grazalema and Montejaque or Benaojan. This is one route to the former - and probably a bit more interesting than the walk along the river valley  (included as an alternative route here in the opposite direction).